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The Board of Directors of the Forest Lake Area Community Scholarship Foundation will be happy to discuss personally with you any questions you may have regarding our foundation.    Please feel free to contact any Board Member listed below with your questions or concerns.  

For general information about the following, please e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Questions

Donation, Endowments or Named Scholarship Questions

Scholarship Application Questions

Forest Lake High School Dean of Scholarships   (651) 982-8405   or

Kathy Carlson at   kdcarlson@usfamily.net      

CSF Board Of Directors - Officers

Leo Sinna, President
Lyle Koski, Vice President  (612) 961-1035
Joe Lefto, Treasurer (612) 316-2379
Keriann Hallberg, Secretary   (651)308-9570

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